Acrylic Balls/Spheres



  • Solid Acrylic Balls - stocked in 13 colors
  • 5 transparent colors.
  • 8 solid colors.
  • Acrylic Balls are suitable for body-piercing jewelry.
  • Balls are not pre-drilled.
  • Solid Acrylic Balls can also be used in art projects, terrariums, and aquariums.

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M16007 Transparent Dark Sapphire
M16010 Transparent Dark Amethyst
M16015 Transparent Ruby
M16016 Transparent Tangerine
M16024 Transparent Xmas Green
M16032 Opaque Black
M16034 Opaque Red
M16041 Opaque Navy
M16042 Opaque Green
M16043 Opaque Turquoise
M16045 Opaque Light Blue
M16046 Opaque Pink
M16049 Opaque Lemon
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